Saturday, January 9, 2016

USA - Canada Sabbatical

Welcome to my travel and experience journal. 

This old blog of mine that was dedicated solely for oil painting is the perfect place for me to document my vacation to the US and Canada because eventually, at the time I´m writing this introductory post I´m still waiting for the semester to begin, it will be all about progressing as a painting at Watts Atelier under the guidance of Jeffrey Watts and his talented group of teachers.
So lets dust this old journal and breathe fresh life into it!

First days in Boston

Starting after the Christmas days, my first stop in the US is Boston. I rented a car so I would be flexible and could make detours whenever it seems worth it. Of course, I had a bit of trouble entering the States, Homeland Security made a triple-check on me at the airport, after that I was good to go.
I stayed at a hotel for two days and used my time exploring the city, walking across town. I quickly realized the difference in scale and distances when compared to Europe. Everything is enormous and just walking around a block takes a long time. So I didn't see everything but most of downtown, chinatown and the harbor district. 
The architecture in Boston is quite impressive, towering banks and charming little brick houses that have seen better days layered on top of one another makes for a great visual impression.
 But spending all the time walking and then resting in a hotel, I had barely any contact with locals which I wanted to change for the rest of my trip and circumstances forced it rather quickly on me, too. So my traveling behavior changed dramatically for the rest of my trip.
I planned to visit Harvard University and MIT in Cambridge on my last day but the weather was just so bad, snow mixed with rain and a chilly wind, that my stay was very short and I mainly sat in a cozy Starbucks to have wi-fi and download all the maps I need to drive to my next city, Syracuse.

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