Saturday, January 9, 2016

Syracuse - Meeting Michelle and Julian

On my way to Syracuse I was in contact with Michelle, whom I found on, and was curious to find out what´s it like to meet total strangers and stay with them for a day.
As it turned out, both of them were some of the kindest and most friendly people I ever met and we had a great time.
Both of them are used to traveling a lot and know the kind of problems you run into so they were really helpful in giving tips in general and specific, even making recommendations for my visits to San Francisco and LA. They are currently working hard on founding a start-up company for a personal coaching agency and have won a couple competitions that presented them a great deal of financing so they can realize and continue their dream project.
They were extremely generous with their time, toured me around Syracuse and showed me their working places. One of which was a large co working suite where many different entrepreneurial minded people from different fields worked alongside and shared their experiences, gave seminars, and just had a really constructive working environment they ca thrive in. It was a great experience and I met wonderful and inspiring people there, maybe even some potential business partners for future projects.
Michelle and Julian are planning to visit Germany next Year and I will be delighted to host them in return and show my favorite spots in my home city.
Thanks so much for your time and it was a pleasure meeting you two.
Next stop: Niagara Falls and Toronto

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