Saturday, January 9, 2016

Goodbye Canada - Hello California

After driving back from Mont Tremblant to Montreal I had an appointment for dinner later in the evening with the director of Syn Studio. It was a great encounter with Anthony, fascinating and very multi-talented guy who has a very distinct and grand vision for this school. I´m sure we will see each other again the next years.
The following morning it was time for departure, I was headed to the airport and Matt wanted to go back to Toronto catching his flight to Amsterdam, when I was confronted with a new problem. It´s funny, at this point it almost felt like I was subconsciously trying to fulfill a checklist titled "worst situations you can encounter during travels". What happened was because of the recent snowfall during night streets wear cleared by the city and cars that were parking in the wrong spot got towed. Time was running out and now this! I got help by one of the hostel members who called the city and got information where my car was towed to, I off I sprinted to the street I was given. Running around, asking people for directions, running some more I decided to head back to the hostel because I wasn´t able to find the address. The receptionist called the city again, and as it turned out, she mixed up the street number. Yeah! After that I quickly found my car but of course had no time to drive around and go sightseeing anymore. 

Time to say Goodbye to Matt and Montreal and then fly to San Diego via JFK New York. It was a pleasant flight. Now I arrived at my final destination in Encinitas CA, we have our apartment set up and classes at Watts Atelier start on the 18th. I will return with more posts when I come back from LA and San Francisco which I plan to visit during the next week. 

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