Saturday, January 9, 2016

Toronto - car accident and visit to Bobby Chiu at Imaginism Studios

Before New Years Eve I had a full day in Toronto which was packed with dramatic events, extreme ups and downs in constant succession.

It all started out to be a great and relaxing second day in Toronto, finally with some daylight and again walking through the city. Because of the holidays it all seemed rather depopulated and empty and there is not much going on. Everything is big but feels just like another city. Again, it was the people I met that made all the difference.
I wanted to find a subway and asked a stranger on the street which led to a great conversation and a quick guided tour around downtown and personal insights about the local affairs. Jess was so helpful, even accompanying me on my ride in the subway to make sure I get the right exit. 
Thank you Jess and I wish you all the best on your year in Thailand. You´ll find your way :)

After walking the city for a bit I had an appointment scheduled for lunch with Bobby Chiu, a personal hero of mine. He is an artist working on so many fields and projects I don´t even recall them all. But what certainly stands out is his activity on Youtube where he is inspiring thousands of people everyday with his podcasts. Aside from that he is a concept artist extraordinaire and illustrator for games, movies and toys, founder of, contributed his art for Tim Burton´s Alice in Wonderland and and and...
So it was great of him to offer a slice of his time and I was extremely looking forward meeting him and his wife Kei, who is an amazing and talented artist in her own rights.
But, alas, fate tested me hard this day. I had a pretty bad car accident on my way to the appointment and all the towing, filling out forms, waiting for the police, renting a new car, cancelling the former contract etc. ate away a great deal of time and nerves. All the while, luckily, Bobby and Kei waited for me and postponed our meeting until I could make it that day.
Finally, the very second I got my new car I hurried to the studio.
It turned out the be even better than I expected. Bobby gave me a tour through the sacred halls of Imaginism, showed me his latest and past projects, even the painting he is working on right now.
Both were just great and we had a great time drinking coffee and talking about art and life in general.
The greatest gift they made me was a real surprise. Bobby got one of their art books out of the shelves and he and Kei both made cute little sketches and signed them for me. WOW!!! Thanks so much the two of you, hope to see you in the near future and check your mail, I´ll send you the book I was telling you about.

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