Saturday, January 9, 2016

Enroute to Montreal

In the hostel in Toronto I met Matt, short for Matthijs, from the Netherlands. I asked him if he could help me out with money and explained my situation. He was amazing, we got off fantastically and decided to walk around Toronto in the evening and get some dinner. He turned out to be a globetrotter and outdoor adventurer par excellence while studying medicine and now beginning his Ph.D. in Urology in Amsterdam. When we met he literally just arrived from Havana where it was 25 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, it was around -15 in Toronto, with a horrible wind that made it impossible to enjoy sightseeing so we rushed trough Kensington Market and found ourselves in Chinatown where we had the most delicious meal after standing in line at the restaurant for 40 minutes.
We decided to travel together to Montreal the next morning, so off we go. Nice company, warm car, coffee on the go, great music, good times.
On our way we planned to visit Frontenac provincial park to experience nature and make a quick hike. It was fantastic: fresh snow, beautiful and serene environment, nobody else outside... That was a treat I won´t forget.


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