Monday, December 20, 2010

Stuffed Pear

Today´s painting.
I´m discovering quite a lot of new things in painting, which is a great learning experience. One goal is to develope a more impasto-like style. As always, pears are a great subject because of their simple yet compelling shape and their striking colors.
Speaking of colors, I am trying out working with a more restricted palette to concentrate more on values and temperature changes.
I was painting full colors the last months, now I´m using:
  • titanium white
  • ivory black
  • raw umber
  • cobalt blue
  • yellow ochre
  • cadmium red
Let´s see how this works out, feels like a great start already.

this is how it would look like framed

Oil on gessoed canvas panel, 7.09 x 9,45 inches.
79,99 € + shipping/handling.

Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow.

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